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Hear from other parents and youth from NBYMP Canada about their experience in the NBYMP! We value all opinions, feedback, and testimonies, and take great pride in delivering the best experience for all youth, parents, coaches, and staff involved. To submit your testimony, contact us TODAY via email so that we can share your story!

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The weekend workshop was absolutely fantastic. My son was asking to go again before we even left the parking lot. This program is unique in that there is a strong emphasis on healthy development both on and off the court. The education component is comprehensive and engaging. There were plenty of challenging drills, great games and scrimmage opportunities. The coaches were incredible role models with many positive messages to share throughout the weekend. They had endless energy and enthusiasm and a wonderful rapport with the kids”

Kristin McCarthy-Barry


The weekend basketball workshop was amazing!! I had two of my sons participate (5 and 8 years of age) and they both had so much fun, gained new skills, confidence and lifelong connections. The team of mentors and coaches go above and beyond to make sure everyone’s need are met. They provided a thorough program of training and education and kept all of the participants engaged throughout. It was inspiring to see a true “team” at work! They are great mentors and role models.

Aren Ayres


My son attended a camp this past week end, and came home so excited. This camp opened his eyes to other areas of being an athlete. It also helped with self awareness and confidence. The staff continued to remind kids to hold their heads high. Also, he came home with new skills to work on. We will definitely be attending again! Highly recommended. Great job

Megan Mann


My daughter was enjoyed the two full day mentoring program. 8 hours on and 8 hours off the court. She enjoyed hearing about the guest speakers experiences, challenges and how they overcame them. Great Program.

Kimberley Cormier Nuguid


It’s awesome program for kids. Not only learning the sports they love but also it is life style. I really recommend it.

Babak Tabrizi


NBYMP offers great mentorship and skill training programs in a positive environment where the kids learn the important of discipline, sportsmanship and hard work. Thanks NBYMP!!

Simone Taffe


Great organization. Coaches really care for the kids. I highly recommend.

Chanie Walsh


Very organized and provides great opportunities for young children wanting to get involved in the game of basketball.

Ryan McFadden


We have been involved in several NBYMP events, and have had very positive experiences. My family will continue to train with this great organization.

Hannah Burgé


5/5 – I’ve gone to a nbymp workshop and as a student athlete I recommend it to people who haven’t gone reason being it teaches you things not just about basketball but how life is off the basketball court also it gives you tools of how to be successful later in life in whatever profession you want to add into your life to help humanity!!

Khalfani Hill


My kids 14yrs old girl and 11yrs old son both participated at one of their workshops in the summer of 2019 and they both absolutely loved everything about it. I will definitely recommend these workshops for kids of any age boys/girls as it’s very interactive and very hands on for all participants. (Regardless of gender) my kids still rave about it and can’t wait for their workshops of 2020.

Ciarán Mann-Boparai


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