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Written By: Matthew Rodrigopulle

The National Basketball Youth Mentorship Programme (NBYMP) announced on Wednesday that WNBA champion Tèmítọ́pẹ́ (Tèmí) Fágbénlé is joining the NBYMP UK as a mentor.

The NBYMP is officially set to launch its UK expansion in early June of this year. In Canada, the program has grown to include over 1500 youth and over 75 mentors in the form of professional basketball athletes, university coaches, and public figures in basketball. The programme aims to connect its mentors to youth, to guide youth in sports and in life. The NBYMP also provides a variety of teachings to youth from qualified professionals in the areas of sport psychology, sports nutrition, financial literacy, and much more; all with a focus on basketball.

Fágbénlé will be joining an already established team of 12 mentors in the UK, all of whom have played professionally and have played internationally for Team GB.

Fágbénlé, who hails from London, is currently a forward for Reyer Venezia in Venice, Italy. She previously played for the Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA, who she won a WNBA Championship with in 2017. She has also represented Great Britain in several FIBA international tournaments, at the London 2012 Summer Olympics, and at the GB Under 20, England U18 and U16 levels.

Raised in London, Fágbénlé moved to the United States when she was 15 to pursue an education through basketball. She attended and played for Harvard University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree, before transferring to the University of Southern California for her final year of NCAA basketball and a Master’s degree.

“When I first started basketball, I wish I had someone to reach out to with questions or concerns; someone who understood what I was going through as a girl and as an athlete and had been in my shoes,” Fágbénlé said. “I am thrilled to be part of the NBYMP, so younger generations of basketball athletes can have access to valuable mentorship that wasn’t readily available to me when I was starting out.”

The addition of Fágbénlé to the NBYMP UK’s roster of mentors allows youth to connect with her when they need on and off-court advice. Mentors in the NBYMP connect with and build strong relationships with youth across the UK. Similar to the NBYMP Canada, mentors will be involved in certain events and initiatives that aim to develop youth holistically with an emphasis on basketball. This can include training on the court and seminars off the court.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tèmí to the NBYMP family,” said Kevin Wilson, founder of the NBYMP. “Tèmí’s reputation and positive impact is felt globally and she truly exemplifies everything that the NBYMP stands for. When creating this program, I envisioned a platform that allows youth to get credible and consistent guidance from phenomenal basketball professionals. Tèmí’s involvement with the NBYMP fulfils and exceeds those initial visions and expectations. Our NBYMP mentors are international leaders, world-changers, and now big sisters and big brothers to today’s youth.”

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