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We understand that faith plays a huge role in the lives of athletes. The National Basketball Youth Mentorship Programme (NBYMP) accepts and proudly welcomes everyone regardless of individual religious beliefs, age, ethnic background, gender, or any other qualities that make someone unique. Through this service, we simply aim to provide an optional tool/resource that youth and families can use to assist in everyday life both on-and-off the court. This service is based on Christian views and Biblical teachings.

 NBYMP Bible Study for High School Athletes

Join us every Sunday evening starting March 7th, 2021! To register, email us at [email protected].

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Full-Court Faith Podcast

The “Full-Court Faith” podcast (presented by the NBYMP), is a groundbreaking platform for youth and high school athletes that aims to empower them along their spiritual journey. This podcast features the most credible pro athletes, allowing young athletes to hear first hand, the benefits of maintaining a strong belief system both on and off the court. Available on YouTube, Spotify, GooglePodcast, Apple Podcast, and all main podcast platforms (Hosted by: Kevin Wilson, founder of the NBYMP). 

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