The NBYMP has Mentors that currently play at the professional level (e.g. NBA, European leagues, etc.) and at the college/university level (e.g. CCAA, USPORTS, NCAA). We also have mentors that are high-level Coaches and Public Figures within Canada. All of our Mentees are able to contact our mentors for FREE and can EXPECT a response!

an NBYMP workshop featuring the boys diligently taking notes
an NBYMP workshop on a college basketball court with youth seated along the three point line and a mentor in the foreground featuring NBYMP on the back of her shirt

Basketball Workshops

Youth are able to meet their Mentors face-to-face through our NBYMP Workshops which are located in various cities across Canada. These NBYMP Workshops are designed to develop youth from a holistic standpoint by incorporating on-court instruction (50%) and off-court instruction (50%) on topics pertaining to Nutrition, Financial Literacy, Sport Psychology, and much more!

Athletic Development

NBYMP youth have direct access to our strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, and sports physicians, who take pride in performance optimization. Learn more about how to mitigate injuries, plan your exercise routines in-and-off season, and much more!

an NBYMP Mentor playing defense against a mentee
an NBYMP Family t-shirt set against an indoor stadium chair

Sport Psychology

NBYMP youth have access to our Mental Performance Consultant who optimizes performance through the delivery and education of mental skills!

Spiritual Development

We understand that by you being a young student-athlete, this can lead to many distractions, temptations, and can really take you away from your spiritual foundation. Connect with our Spiritual Development Coaches to learn how to grow / practice your faith!

an NBYMP mentee taking notes
an NBYMP workshop featuring the backs of mentees waiting together

Year-Round Events

Raptors games, NBA 2K tournaments, Holiday events, and MUCH more! We aim to provide our youth with the most positive and most life-changing events all year-round!

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