Community Relations Manager



Community Relations Manager (Administrative Role – Volunteer Position)


“Community Relations refers to the various methods companies use to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which they operate.” 

The National Basketball Youth Mentorship Programme (NBYMP) is seeking a qualified and creative individual to fill the management role within our Community Relations department. As a growing leader in the community, we understand the value of partnerships and aim to support as many youth, families, and like-minded organizations as possible, across the UK. 


  • Create and implement innovative plans and community initiatives to assist in the growth of the NBYMP with our Board of Directors
  • Work with our Board of Directors to establish community partners. Community partners could include other charity organizations, youth basketball teams, universities, etc.
  • Plan events with partnered organizations within the community while ensuring the NBYMP is positivity represented at all times 
  • Coordinating / managing NBYMP volunteers at various events 
  • Market and promote awareness of the NBYMP via networking and other applicable means of communication

Skills Needed

  • Excellent and proven communication skills
  • Proven collaborative skills and teamwork abilities
  • Critical thinking and decision-making capabilities
  • Extremely comfortable with administrative tasks
  • Dedicated worker with a passion for charitable initiatives
  • Proficient using Microsoft systems (Word and Excel)


  • Must have previous administrative experience
  • If hired, must complete a PVG application form (Protecting Vulnerable Groups)
  • At minimum a high school diploma (a university degree or diploma is preferred but not needed)


Volunteer Position (100% remote role)

Contract Duration

6 month contract with an opportunity for extension 

Apply Now

If interested, please submit your resume to [email protected]

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